Wild About Education


It is our goal to provide a personalised learning experience. This is individually tailored to meet each child’s ability, their aptitude and nature. Instilling a sense of responsibility and self-discipline is integral to the programme.

We offer tutoring for the CAPS curriculum from Grade R – Grade 8, as well as the specific IGCSE and AS level subjects. Our classes are small and highly motivated and are tutored by qualified, passionate and experienced teachers. There is a strong emphasis on maths, science, biology and the conservation of our environment.

Children will be given the opportunity to obtain real life skills, apart from the pure theoretical tuition demanded in our present educational institutions. Children are encouraged to think laterally, alternatively and creatively whilst problem solving. Given the chance to apply theoretical concepts in real and relevant situations, they will be encouraged to show initiative, implement their own ideas and in the process build strength of character.

Glen Afric Learning Centre Daily Routine
Glen Afric Learning Centre offers full time tutoring between the hours of 07h40 and 16h00. Morning classes will run from 07h40 – 14h00, with 2 break periods. Morning classes are for full time scholars. Afternoon classes will run from 14h30 – 16h00. All afternoon classes are available to full time students at no additional cost.

All classes are organised into set periods with a set time table for given subjects. Timetables will be published at the start of each calendar year. Terms will follow the generally accepted South African Private School terms, and will be published at the beginning of each calendar year.

We will charge R150 per hour if you are late in collecting your child.

Foundation Phase (Preschool, Gr 0-Gr 3)
Our foundation phase is based on the central concept of functional literacy and numeracy. Emphasis is placed on the development of a healthy mind and body, where self-esteem and confidence are natural consequences. Interaction with animals within their environment forms the basis for learning, and will inspire a passion for conservation.

In addition to Literacy, Numeracy and Life Skills, our students also do Arts and Crafts. Swimming lessons are offered in summer and general Physical Education takes place throughout the year.

Participation in weekly Equitherapy sessions is encouraged. Equitherapy is an animal assisted therapy making use of horses or ponies.

The therapy is based on the integration and use of all the senses. Equitherapy has been particularly successful in children with learning disabilities, because it has been found that many learning disabilities are caused by sensory integration problems. This occurs when our brain does not integrate the information received through our senses from our environment and from movement and gravity. Thus when a child is on a horse or pony he/she is constantly being exposed to movement and gravity while developing gross motor, fine motor and perceptual skills.

Learning through play is encouraged.

Primary Phase (Gr 4-7)
Our programme includes practical, hands-on learning, integrated with online resources and learning programs. The CAPS curriculum is followed in all subject areas and is complimented by frequent trips and excursions.

These trips have included Sterkfontein Caves, Maropeng, NECSA, the Zoos, Museum of Natural History, UShaka Marine World etc.

Bush Craft is a weekly lesson, during which students learn about conservation. It includes tracking, alien plant eradication, anti-poaching, veld management and activities with the Glen Afric animals.

Senior Phase Gr 8 to 12, IGCSE, AS and A
Our programme includes practical, hands-on learning, integrated with online resources and learning programs. The CAPS curriculum is followed in all subject areas up to Grade 8, and all subjects are complimented by frequent trips and excursions.

These trips have included Sterkfontein Caves, Maropeng, NECSA, the Zoos, Museum of Natural History, UShaka Marine World etc.

Microsoft ICDL (International Computer Driver’s License) is offered as an optional extra (not included in the fees), because we believe that computer literacy is as essential as mathematics or language literacy.

Text Book Requirements (IGCSE and AS):
A text book list will be issued once a student has enrolled and chosen their subjects.

Glen Afric Learning Centre runs throughout the year for extra lessons, except during the annual December holiday.

Bus Service
Our bus service extends between Roos se Oord and Skeerpoort daily. Please contact us for detailed schedules and fares.

Student Requirements
Students will be required to wear uniforms. This will consist of jeans (either black or blue, but not stonewashed, faded or torn), a golf shirt, embroidered with the Centre logo, a bush hat and socks and trainers.

Students are required to provide their own stationary, including an A4 hard cover book and soft cover book per subject, and a ream of paper per term. Photocopies will be charged: Black and White – 20c, Colour – R1.50 per page.

High school students require a lever arch file for each subject as well as a 30 pocket flip folder and flash drive (16 GIG)

Code of Conduct and Discipline
Glen Afric Learning Centre has a Code of Conduct and Disciplinary procedures. This is based on the Desiderata. Students over the age of 15 are required to sign our Acknowledgement of Responsibility.

Glen Afric Learning Centre has a zero-tolerance policy for drugs and bullying.

Meals and Refreshments
Parents/Students are reminded to please provide healthy snacks and refreshments for the day. We do not allow sweets or fizzy cool drinks. The tuck-shop is only available on Friday’s only and is on a strict cash-only basis. No credit will be given. We do have snacks available for purchasing. Suitable drinking water is freely available.

Safety and Security
Your attention is drawn to the fact that the Centre is situated in a Wildlife reserve and all parents and students are obliged to follow the necessary safety precautions and Glen Afric’s general rules and regulations in this respect. Access to and from the Reserve is controlled and monitored and all vehicles entering and exiting the Reserve associated with the Centre must display the necessary gate passes. All vehicles will be subject to random security checks. The 20km/hour speed limit is strictly enforced.

Student Enrichment Programme
At present Glen Afric Learning Centre is not in a position to offer the conventional extra-curricular activities, but children have the opportunity to participate in various local sports including horse riding, swimming, scuba diving, archery, mountain biking, judo etc. Some establishments offer off-road motor biking and quad trails. Extra-curricular activities are not included in the fee structure and are payable to the various institutions directly.

Glen Afric Learning Centre is an Award Unit for the President’s Award for Youth Empowerment. We encourage all students over the age of 14 to participate. Further information is available on the Glen Afric Learning Centre website.