At present Glen Afric Learning Centre is not in a position to offer the conventional extra-curricular activities, but children have the opportunity to participate in various local sports including horse riding, swimming, archery, mountain biking, judo etc.

Our students have successfully competed in SANESA in various disciplines, including equitation, show jumping, dressage, working riding, performance riding and working hunter classes. Students also compete in archery,  swimming,  and mountain bike riding.

Some establishments offer off-road motor biking and quad trails. Extra-curricular activities are not included in the fee structure and are payable to the various institutions directly.

Contact Details:

Horse riding:
Karen Zuur 083 309 1911
Brea Burgh 083 6160528
Mounted Archery
  Karen Zuur

Cathidra Mounted Archery Club

083 309 1911
Liza-Marie 071 871 9169
Tamera  082 886 3571
  Garth Tune

(Aqua-land and Harties Red Bears Swimming  Club)