Wild About Education

About Us

We offer a learning experience which allows children to develop to their full potential. The Learning Centre offers full time tuition, as well as supplementary tuition for home schooled children and extra lessons for students from other schools. We also run camps, holiday programmes and field trips that are open to all students.

The Desiderata forms the basis of our Code of Conduct. Respect and responsibility are fundamental to our ethos. Please read the Desiderata on our Philosophy page.

Our programme includes practical, hands-on learning, integrated with online resources and theoretical content.  Our individualised tutoring programmes broadly follow the CAPS aligned National Curriculum for Primary school and the Cambridge Curriculum from age 14, so as to prepare our students for either examination. Classes are small to ensure individual attention is paid to each student. Group work is encouraged to build problem solving and people skills.

We have a remedial teacher to assist students with academic challenges. Although we are not specifically a special needs facility, we do accomodate children with learning difficulties.

We have a zero-tolerance policy for bullying. Students of all ages interact and play together. Older students often guide and assist the younger ones in various activities.

Conservation of our natural heritage forms the cornerstone of our educational programme.  Children will grow up with the opportunity to interact with Africa’s wildlife. Primary school students spend an hour each week doing Bush Craft. During Bush Craft they learn about the animals and plants around us, tracking and survival skills, conservation and anti-poaching, and spend time interacting with the animals on the farm.  All students participate in practical classes both in the science and biology lab as well as in the field. Environmental Management is offered as an elective senior subject.

We strongly believe that the future lies in the hands of our children and it is our responsibility to equip them with the values, skills and knowledge to embrace the challenges facing our society and environment.