“At Glen Afric Learning Centre, we are privileged to be able to combine world class education with a truly African environment, in which students can grow to love and respect Africa.”      Dr Jaqui Gray  Principal                                                                                           

There is a need to create a dramatic change in the approach to education. As concerned parents and educators, we took the first steps in meeting the specific needs of our individual children. Significant change has a ripple effect and what started out as a few isolated parents wanting to offer their children something unique, now offers unique education to over 50 students  at Glen Afric Learning Centre.

Our goal at Glen Afric Learning Centre’s  is to provide a personalized learning experience.

Our classes are small to ensure individual attention to each student. Group work is encouraged to build problem solving and people skills. The classes are taught by qualified, passionate and experienced teachers. Students of all ages interact and play together, and we have a zero tolerance policy for bullying. Older students often guide and assist the younger ones in various activities.

Children will grow up with the opportunity of interacting with Africa’s wildlife. Primary school students spend an hour each week doing Bush Craft, where they learn about animals and plants around us, tracking and survival skills, and conservation.

Conservation of our natural heritage forms the corner stone of our educational program.

Our older students participate in both the science and biology lab as well as in the field. Environmental Management, Developmental Studies, Psychology and Marine Science are offered as elective senior subjects at IGCSE, AS and A levels.