Wild About Education


At Glen Afric Learning Centre, we are privileged to be able to combine world class education with a truly African environment, in which students can grow to love and respect Africa’s vast fauna and flora.

Principal and owner of the school, Dr Jacqui Gray, has a wealth of experience in dealing with children gained during the 18 years in which she was in private practice as a Registered Homeopath and thereafter completed a PGCE Cum Laude through UNISA and has been teaching for a number of years before opening Glen Afric Learning Centre.

Our changing society has created a need for a dramatic change in our approach to education. As concerned parents and educators, we took the first steps in meeting the specific needs of our individual children. Significant change has a ripple effect and what started out as a few isolated parents wanting to offer their children something unique, now offers teaching to over 50 students.

Glen Afric Learning Centre is a registered Independent School (DOE EMIS No: 600105364 and 600105367) that offers full time tuition, as well as supplementary tuition for home schooled children and extra lessons for students from other institutions.

Our programme includes practical, hands-on learning, integrated with online resources and theoretical content. Our individualized tutoring programs broadly follows the CAPS National Curriculum and the Cambridge Curriculum. We offer an alternative learning experience that allows children to develop to their full potential.

Glen Afric Learning Centre’s goal is to provide a personalized learning experience. Classes are small to ensure individual attention is paid to each student. Group work is encouraged to build problem solving and people skills. The classes are taught by qualified, passionate and experienced teachers. There is a strong emphasis on maths, physics, chemistry, biology and the conservation of our environment. Remedial teachers are available to assist students with academic challenges. Glen Afric Learning Centre is not a special needs facility but we do accommodate children with learning difficulties.

Respect and responsibility are fundamental to our ethos. There is a zero-tolerance policy for bullying. Students of all ages interact and play together. Older students often guide and assist the younger ones in various activities.

Conservation of our natural heritage forms the corner stone of our educational program. Children will grow up with the opportunity of interacting with Africa’s wildlife. Primary school students spend an hour each week doing Bush Craft. During Bush Craft they learn about the animals and plants around us, tracking and survival skills, conservation and anti-poaching, and spend time interacting with the animals on the farm. All students participate in practical classes both in the science and biology lab as well as in the field. Environmental Management, Developmental Studies and Psychology are offered as elective senior subjects at IGCSE, AS and A levels.

Students will be given the opportunity to obtain real life skills, apart from the pure theoretical tuition demanded in our present educational institutions. Children are encouraged to think laterally, alternatively and creatively whilst problem solving. Given the chance to apply theoretical concepts in real and relevant situations, they will be encouraged to show initiative, implement their own ideas and in the process, build strength of character. Glen Afric Learning Centre strongly believes that the future lies in the hands of our children and it is our responsibility to equip them with the values, skills and knowledge to embrace the challenges facing our society and environment.