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Glen Afric, (www.glenafric.co.za) home to the popular ITV series, Wild at Heart, is a popular wildlife conservation estate situated in the Hartbeespoort Area, South Africa. In January 2013, we opened our doors to a unique educational opportunity for your children.

It has long been the dream of our hosts, John and Jenny Brooker, to create a learning centre where children can benefit from the extraordinary experience they have created.  At Glen Afric Learning Centre, we are privileged to be able to combine world class education with a truly African environment in which students can grow to love and respect Africa’s vast fauna and flora. The learning centre is situated in the 750 hectare estate, fully fenced with 24 hour security to ensure your child’s safety. 

Our changing society has created a need for a dramatic change in our approach to education. As concerned parents and educators, we took the first steps in meeting the specific needs of our individual children. Significant change has a ripple effect and what started out as a few isolated parents wanting to offer their children something unique, now offers tuition to over 40 students.

Glen Afric Learning Centre is registered with the Department of Education as an Independent school.

Principal and owner of the school, Dr Jacqui Gray has a wealth of experience in dealing with children during the 18 years in which she was in private practice as a Registered Homeopath and thereafter completed a PGCSE Cum Laude through UNISA and has been teaching for a number of years before opening Glen Afric Learning Centre.

Join us for Open Day

14th Nov 2015

Contact us now to secure your place for January 2016.  Class sizes are limited to a maximum of 12 pupils.

Tel:  082 857 3121 

Email: info@galc.co.za

The Learning Centre Early Days

'Before' and 'After' gallery.  In July 2012, when the concept was born, the school building was a film set. There were no ceilings so that lighting and filming could be done from above. Since then, 18 windows have been replaced, ceilings put in, roof painted, rooms divided... what a transformation! Even the animals have popped in to see the progress!


Wild life surrounds us